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Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale - January 13 - 20

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January 13th until Friday, January 20
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Examples from embryos in this auction:
    √ FEMALE FLAGSHIP x Lis Tiara VRC-Red - Make RED FEMALES by Flagship!
    √ FEMALE AWESOME x Res. 2yr. Old Champion National Show '16
    √ FEMALE DOORMAN x Adeena - Dam of the #1 PTAT heifer in Europe (PTAT +4.01)
    √ FEMALE KING / BYWAY x Goldchip Bluechic - Straight out of 8 generations EXCELLENT
    √ FEMALE BEEMER x Goldwyn x Galwaybay Dundee Lavish EX-95!
    √ FEMALE KING ROYAL x Zandenburg Supersire Camilla - dam of the #2 GTPI heifer (GTPI +2826)
    √ STYX & SALVATORE *RC x #7 GTPI RC Heifer in Europe: Rose *RC! (GTPI +2590)
    √ and more..... 
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FEMALE FLAGSHIP (GTPI +2767 / PTAT +2.51) embryos are selling - MAKE RED Flagships!
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