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#7 — FEMALE embryos: #5 Herrenhof BS Norwin PHIL x Alpengirl VG-87-DE 2yr.

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  • FEMALE embryos by the highest TYPE bull in Switzerland: PHIL!!
  • Embryos from Alpengirl - unbeaten in her 1st lactation in the showring!
  • Alpengirl is now in 3rd lactation and will be scored again soon, expectation for a score between EX-90 and EX-92!
  • The higehst production cow @ Mox Holsteins:  58 kg milk / day!
  • GRAND CHAMPION & Best Udder RBW-Show '17
  • Int. Champion & Best Udder @ National German Breeder Show '16

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Sire: FEMALE Herrenhof BS Nowrin PHILL | #1 Type Bull Brown Swiss Switzerland [more info]
Dam: Alpengirl VG-87-DE 2yr. | Grand Champion and Best Udder RBW Show 2017
Production- & Freezing Method
ET - Grade A - Direct Transfer

Alpengirl VG-87-DE 2yr.

Grand Champion and Best Udder RBW-Show '17

Fantastic Brown Swiss show cow!

  • Alpengirl VG-87-DE 2yr. in her 3rd lactation
  • Alpengirl VG-87-DE 2yr. in her 1st lactation

Reg No.



September 17, 2012

Production Records

  • 3/2La 305d 9.186kgM 4.0% 370F 3.8% 349P
  • La1 305d 10.620kgM 4.0% 420F 3.6%P 383P
  • Fresh in her 3rd lactation: >58 kg Milk / day!!!


  • Grand Champion and Best Udder @ RBW-Show '17
  • Intermediate Champion and Best Udder @ National German Young Breeders Show '16
  • In her first lactation she has been UNBEATEN in the showring
  • Biggest production cow at Mox Holsteins: 58 kg milk / day currently!
  • Will be re-scored this lactation, expectations EX-90 to EX-92!!!
  • One of the greatest Brown Swiss type / production cows to be find Worldwide!


  • Julau
  • Hanni VG-86-DE
  • 6/5 293d 6.490kgM 4.4% 285F 3.6% 236P
  • HL 305d 8.7.862kgM 4.6% 399F 3.7% 325P
  • Jublend
  • Hanna
  • 2/1 305d 5.478kgM 4.0% 216F 3.5% 190P