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#14 — FEMALE embryos: #2 Arethusa REDSTREAM x Double-M Awesome Selah Red

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  • Heifer from a great show family!
  • Dam was Grand Junior Champion in Alsfeld & Lingen '14
  • 10 generation EXCELLENT or VG dams behind her!
  • Backed by the Delbar Astro Splendor EX-95-USA family!

    Awesome x VG-87 Ladd P Red x EX-90 Goldwyn x EX-90 Lhero x VG-87 x EX-90 x Hilltop Hanover K Sassy EX-92-CAN

VIDEO of donor: Click here

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Sire: FEMALE Arethusa Redburst REDSTREAM | Grandson of Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95-USA [more info]
Dam: Double-M Awesome Selah-Red | Fancy RED Awesome daughter
Production- & Freezing Method
ET - Grade A - Direct Transfer

Double-M Awesome Selah-Red

(Awesome x Ladd P x Goldwyn)

Red showheifer going back on Lheros Santje EX-90-DE

  • Double-M Awesome Selah
  • Dam: Sala *RC
  • 2nd dam: Saturday EX-90-DE

Reg No.



February 13, 2016


  • Awesome red from one of the most succesfull heifers in Germany: Sala *RC
  • Sala *RC won the junior championship in Alsfeld & Lingen and classified VG-87-DE as a 2yr. old
  • Average in 10 generations: >90 points!!
  • Backed by the Delbro Astro Splendor EX-95-USA 3E GMD DOM cow family!


  • Luck-E Absolute AWESOME-Red
  • Sala *RC VG-87-DE VG-87-MS 2yr.
  • 1st test: 31kgM / day 3.4%F 3.3%P
  • One of the most succesfull show heifers in Germany!
  • Grand Champion Heifer Show Alsfeld '14
  • Junior Champion Open Show Lingen '14
  • Res. Grand Champion Heifer Show Alsfeld '15
  • Tiger-Lily LADD P-RED
  • Goldwyn Saturday EX-90-DE
  • HL 26,559lbM 4.3% 1,144F 3.4% 897P
  • 3/2La 24,864lbM 4.2% 1,052F 3.5% 869P
  • Dam to DAMGO @ ZBH
  • Grand dam to: Epicer @ Göpel Genetics, Epilog @ RUW & Bonhof @ ZBH
  • She was shown @ National Show in Oldenburg
  • Braedale GOLDWYN
  • Santje EX-90-DE
  • HL 36,974lbM 3.3% 1,226F 3.4% 1,239P
  • 5/4La 30,349lbM 3.5% 1,060F 3.4% 1,019P
  • s. Comestar LHEROS
  • Shown at the National show in Oldenburg

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