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#8 — #4 Coomboona Zipit MIRAND PP *RC x Col Erya EX-90-DE EX-91-MS

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  • EXCLUSIVE MIRAND PP RC embryos - some of the first to be offered on a public auction in the World!
    Click here for more information about Mirand PP RC
  • MIRAND PP RC:    DGV-Conf. +17 / PTAT +3.63 with
    > +1444 Milk
    > Positive DPR
  • Embryos straight out of Col Erya EX-90-DE EX-91-MS who is:
    > Commander daughter from American UFM-Dubs Eroy family
    > 10.000kgM with 3.82% PROTEIN in her first lactation!

    EX-90 Commander x VG-86 Mayfield x Nova Garrett Edielou VG-85 x Nova-TMJ Golden Edie-ETS VG-87 x UFM-Dubs Eroy VG-87

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Sire: Coomboona Zipit MIRAND PP RC | One of the HOTTEST type sires in the breed, super complete [more info]
Dam: Col Erya EX-90-DE EX-91-DE // Commander dtr from the Eroy family! - 88DS 88F 91MS 91FL / EX-90-DE La3
Production- & Freezing Method
Grade A - IVF- Direct Transfer

Col Erya EX-90-DE

(Commander x Mayfield x Garrett)

Commander dtr from the Eroy family

  • Nova Garrett Edielou VG-85-CAN 2yr.
  • Nova-TMJ Golden Edie VG-87-USA 2yr.
  • UFM-Dubs Eroy VG-87-USA 2yr. GMD DOM
  • Same family: UFM-Dubs Sheray EX-90-USA

Reg No.



January 10, 2015

Production Records

  • 2.00 305d 23,495lbM 4,01% 941F 3,82% 897P
  • 3.00 305d 18,678lbM 3.4% 633F 3.7% 683P
  • 4.00 305d 32,009lbM 3.7% 1,179F 3.4% 1,082P


88DS 88F 91MS 91FL / EX-90-DE La3

Genomic Results

  • US 12/19 GTPI +2311 / NM $ 498 / PTAT +1.93 [Details]


  • EXCELLENT Commander daughter out of the UFM-Dubs Eroy cow family
  • Great sire stack: Commander x Mayfield x Garrett x Goldwyn
  • >1000kg combined Fat + Protein in her third lactation!!
  • Same branch as the Twin Sheray's, huge ranking GTPI branch of the Eroy family
  • Same family as the proven bulls Maxim, Esquire & Ellrod
  • Same family as: TARZAN @ AI-Total (GTPI +2728) & SHOCKWAVE (GTPI +2771) 4/17


  • Larcrest COMMANDER
  • Edimay VG-86-DE 2yr.
  • La1 305d 24,698lbM 3.1% 761F 3.3% 818P
  • Classified with VG-86 as a 2yr. old!!
  • De-Su D MAYFIELD 893-ET
  • Nova Garrett Edielou VG-85-2YR-CAN
  • 2-02 2x 365d 32,725lbM 5.8% 1,898F 3.4% 1,124P
  • Her dam is the maternal sister to UFM-Dubs Sheray EX-90-USA
  • Sheray is the foundation cow behind the Twin Sheray's - Huge ranking GTPI family
  • Same family as TARZAN @ AI-Total & Shockwave @ Alta
  • Schillview GARRETT-ET
  • Nova-TMJ Golden Edie-ETS VG-87-USA 2yr.
  • 2-04 2x 365d 30,230lbM 4.8% 1,444F 3.4% 1,036P
  • Full sister to Erin VG-89, Era VG-88, Eden VG-87 and more!
  • Sister to UFM-Dubs Goldroy
  • 5 VG dtrs to date

Next Dams

  • 4th UFM-Dubs Eroy VG-87-2YR GMD DOM
  • 5th UFM-Dubs Sam Erin EX-90-USA 2E GMD DOM
  • 6th UFM-Dubs Patron Ellen EX-90-USA
  • 7th UFM Antci Bell VG-87-USA
  • 8th UFM Jax Antci VG-85-USA GMD DOM