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#17 — #3 Coomboona Zipit MIRAND PP *RC x DKR-Saluden Ladd Excitement-Red *P VG-87-NL

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  • EXCLUSIVE MIRAND PP RC embryos - some of the first to be offered on a public auction in the World!
    Click here for more information about Mirand PP RC
  • MIRAND PP RC:    DGV-Conf. +17 / PTAT +3.63 with
    > +1444 Milk
    > Positive DPR
  • Embryos straight out of DKR-Saluden Ladd Excitement-Red *P who is:
    > POLLED / R&W and from the family of Jargol & Esquimau

    VG-87 Ladd P-Red x Saluden Planet Etoile *RC VG-FR VG-88-MS 2yr. x  Saluden Cassiope *RC VG-86-FR (s. Shottle)

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Sire: Coomboona Zipit MIRAND PP RC | One of the HOTTEST type sires in the breed, super complete [more info]
Dam: DKR Saluden Ladd Excitement Red *P VG-87-NL // RED & POLLED - 84FR 87DS 91MS 86FL/ VG-87-NL EX-91-MS
Production- & Freezing Method
ET - Grade A - Direct Transfer

DKR-Saluden Ladd Excitement-Red *P VG-87-NL

(Ladd P x Planet)


  • Saluden Planet Etoile *RC VG-85-FR VG-88-MS 2yr.
  • Saluden Cassiope *RC VG-86-FR

Reg No.



March 4, 2013

Production Records

  • 2.04 65d 3,668lbM 4.0% 66F 3.5% 58P (Inc.)


84FR 87DS 91MS 86FL/ VG-87-NL EX-91-MS

Genomic Results

  • US 08/19 GTPI +1914 / NM $ 217 / PTAT +1.82 [Details]


  • Former top ranking Red & Polled Heifer in Europe!
  • Very interesting Red cow with a very deep French cow family, American from origin
  • Dam has 12 generations B&W bulls in the pedigree but still carrier the Red Factor!
  • Same family as Jargol & Esquimau


  • Tiger-Lily LADD P-RED
  • Saluden Planet Etoile *RC VG-FR VG-88-MS 2yr.
  • 2.02 305d 20,265lbM 3.4% 692F 3.2% 650P
  • Former #3 *RC GTPI Cow in the breed!
  • One of the hottest RC cows World Wide
  • 12 generations B&W bulls in pedigree, still carrying the RC!!
  • Sons in AI and embryos exported
  • Ensenada Taboo PLANET
  • Saluden Cassiope *RC VG-86-FR
  • 2.03 305d 20,693lbM 3.4% 694F 3.3% 672P
  • 3.09 305d 25,254lbM 3.2% 721F 3.1% 791P
  • Same family as Flower @ Semex and Fit & Fab @ Amelis
  • Picston SHOTTLE
  • Saluden Astrala *RC VG-86-FR
  • Same family of ESQUIMAU & JARGOL

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