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#13 — FEMALE embryo: #1 Riverdown UNSTOPABULL-RED x Finchen EX-92-DE EX-93-MS La6.

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  • UNSTOPABULL-RED (+2.74 PTAT / +0.7 DPR) embryo from the German show winnner: Finchen EX-92-DE EX-93-MS La6.
  • Finchen has a huge victory list: 4th Mature Cow Schau der Besten '17, 4th place Senior Masterrind Konvent '15,
  • 3x 1st @ Regional Show in Germany, 7th place Mature Cow Schau der Besten '19 & more!
  • >1000kg combined Fat + Protein @ age of 11!

    EX-92-DE EX-93-MS La6. Stylist x Feine VG-85-DE VG-87-MS La4. (s. Merinet)

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Sire: FEMALE Riverdown UNSTOPABULL-RED // The Red and White TYPE sire of the moment // +2.74 PTAT // +0.7 DPR [more info]
Dam: Finchen EX-92-DE EX-93-MS La6. | 4th Mature Cow Schau der Besten 2017 - EX-92-DE EX-93-MS La6.
Production- & Freezing Method
Grade A - IVF - Direct Transfer

Finchen EX-92-DE EX-93-MS La6.

(Stylist x Merinet)

EX-92 Show winning Stylist daughter!

  • Finchen EX-92-DE EX-93-MS La6.
  • Finchen EX-92-DE EX-93-MS La6. @ Masterrind Konvent 2015
  • Finchen EX-92-DE EX-93-MS La6. (R) @ Schau der Besten 2017

Reg No.



July 22, 2009

Production Records

  • 6/6La 305d 25,448lbM 3.9% 994F 3.5% 886P
  • 5/4La 305d 25,461lbM 3.9% 1,001F 3.5% 888P
  • HL3 305d 31,572lbM 4.2% 1,323F 3.4% 1,074P


EX-92-DE EX-93-MS La6.


  • 4th place Mature Cow class Schau der Besten 2017
  • >1000kg combined Fat + Protein and classified EX-92 with EX-93 mammary system!
  • 3x 1st in her class at a Regional Show in Germany!
  • 4th place Senior cows Masterrind Konvent 2015
  • 7th place Mature Cow Schau der Besten 2019, 6th place Mature Cow Tierschau Lingen 2019
  • Different sire stack: Stylist x Merinet
  • Deep German cow family!


  • Feine VG-85-DE VG-87-MS La4.
  • 6/6La 305d 22,979lbM 3.6% 836F 3.2% 736P
  • VG-MERINET daughter with average of 10.000kgM in 6 lactations!
  • Panje