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#3 embryos: Jo-Dee Royal Hill RASTA x Hartmanhills Dunam Chrisma EX-91-USA

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3 embryos.
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  • BROWN SWISS time! Jo-Dee Royal Hill RASTA embryos out of Hartmanhills Dunam Chrisma EX-91-USA
  • Chrisma EX-91-USA was:
    - Res. All-American Senior. 2yr. old 2019
    - 2nd Senior 2yr. old International Show 2019
    - 1st Senior 2yr. old, Reserve Intermediate Champion and Honorable Mention Grand Champion WI State Show 2019
    - 1st Senior 2yr. old & Reserve Intermediate Champion Midwest Spring Show 2019
  • Her dam is the EX-91-USA 2E: Hayden Cosmos Candy!

    Durham x Hayden Cosmos Candy EX-91-USA (s. Cosmos) x Hayden Packer Carmin GP-84-USA x A G Pilot Carnation

United States of America
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Sire: Jo-Dee Royal Hill RASTA | +0.80 PTAT Glenn son from the Hawnthorne Rhythmic Riki EX-94-USA family [more info]
Dam: Hartmanhills Dunam Chrisma EX-91-USA | Res. All-American Sr. 2yr. old 2019, 2nd. Sr. 2yr. old International Show '19 - EX-91-USA
Production- & Freezing Method
Grade A - IVF - Direct Transfer

Hartmanhills Dunam Chrisma EX-91-USA

(Durham x Cosmos)

  • Hartmanhills Dunam Chrisma EX-91-USA
  • Hartmanhills Dunam Chrisma EX-91-USA
  • Hartmanhills Dunam Chrisma EX-91-USA

Reg No.



December 2, 2

Production Records

  • 2.03 305d 36,641lbM 4.7% 1,726F 3.5% 1,272P
  • 3.03 365d 48,568lbM 4.5% 2,196F 3.5% 1,680P
  • 4.06 81d 15,829lbM 4.4% 694F 2.7% 434P




  • Great S-Hilltop Acres W Durham daughter, classified with EX-91 in the USA!
  • She was Res. All-American 2yr. old '19, 2nd Senior 2yr. old International Brown Swiss Show '19 &
  • 1st Sr. 2yr. old Wisconsin State Show & Midwest Spring National '19
  • Her dam is the gorgeous Hayden Cosmos Candy EX-91-USA 2E


  • Hilltop Acres W Durham
  • Hayden Cosmos Candy EX-91-USA 2E
  • 3.02 2x 305d 27,558lbM 4.0% 1,091F 3.5% 935P
  • 7.03 2x 167d 29,211lbM 2.4% 1,008F 3.5% 1,014P
  • Oak Forest Cosmos
  • Hayden Packer Carmin GP-84-USA
  • 6.03 63d 6,967lbM 3.9% 273F 3.1% 97F
  • Packer
  • A G Pilot Carnation N.C.
  • 2.04 305d 34,657lbM 4.7% 1,620F 3.1% 97P

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