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#2 Sandy-Valley ESQUIRE x DG Diddl

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2 embryos.
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Lot description
  • Great chance: Sandy-Valley ESQUIRE (+3011 GTPI / +969 NM$ / +2.09 PTAT) embryos out of DG Diddl (+2781 GTPI / +914 NM$)
  • Dam to donor is the very promising Gen Durkje VG-87-NL VG-88-MS 2yr., she was last month Intermediate Champion and Udder Champion Zuidenveld 2023 and is dam to DG Adagio @Ai-Total at +3049 GTPI and to DG Dr. No @Ai-Total at +3000 GTPI!
  • 3rd dam is the tremendous broodcow: Al-Lew Monterey Ashley EX-94-USA EX-95-MS, she is dam to:
    - NH DG Arrow (s. King Doc), daughterproven sire at +2.84 PTAT and +2639 GTPI!
     - Mr. Frazzled Aristocrat (s. Frazzled), daughterproven sire 98% of his Canadian dtrs scored GP or better!
     - NH DG Armagedon P (s. Splendid P *RC), +3.11 PTAT

    AltaWheelhouse x Gen Durkje VG-87-NL VG-88-MS 2yr. (s. Crimson) x DG Ariana GP-84-DE La1. (s. Charley) x Al-Lew Monterey Ashley EX-94-USA 

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Sire: Sandy-Valley ESQUIRE | Very complete sire at +3011 GTPI and +2.09 PTAT! | Taos x EX-90 Brass x VG-85 Apprentice *RC x VG-86 Yoder [more info]
Dam: Dg Diddl | AltaWheelhouse daughter straight from the Intermediate Champion Zuidenveld 2023 and dam to DG Adagio at +3049 GTPI @Ai-Total (08/23)
Production- & Freezing Method
Grade A - IVF - Direct Transfer

Dg Diddl (A2A2)

(AltaWheelhouse x Crimson x Charley)

Former #19 NM$ female in Europe! - January 2022

  • Dam: Gen Durkje VG-87-NL VG-88-MS 2yr.
  • Daughter to 3rd dam: DG NH Crushabull Atlantis VG-87-CH La2.
  • 3th dam: Al-Lew Monterey Ashley 1346 EX-94-USA
  • Al-Lew Mgl Astute 1207-ET EX-91-USA
  • Al-Lew Dmn Amazon EX-90-USA
  • GBM Durham BC Annabell EX-90-USA DOM
  • Same family: NH DG Arrow

Reg No.



November 16, 2021

Genomic Results

  • US 12/23 GTPI +2799 / NM $ 919 / PTAT +0.71 [Details]


  • Great AltaWheelhouse daughter straight out of the Intermediate Champion Zuidenveld Show 2023
  • Great index: +2799 GTPI / +919 NM$ / +797kgM / +2.58 SCS / +1.5 SCE! - (12/23)
  • Her dam is a VG-87-NL 2yr. old and dam to DG Adagio at +3089 GTPI & DG Dr. No at +3033 GTPI
  • Gen Durkje VG-87-NL VG-88-MS 2yr. is the Intermediate Champion Zuidenveld 2023
  • Backed by the famous Al-Lew Monterey Ashley 1346 EX-94-USA
  • 3th dam is a maternal sister to the topseller World Classic Sale '17: Mr Frazzled ARISTOCRAT
  • 3th dam is sister to ARMAGEDON (+3.20 PTAT) & ARROW (+2.86 PTAT) @ AI-Total


  • Gen Durkje VG-87-NL VG-88-MS 2yr.
  • 2.05 305d 22,234lbM 4.23%F 3.49%P LW 102 (Proj.)
  • Intermediate Champion Zuidenveld show 2023
  • Dam to DG Adagio and DG Dr. No @Ai-Total
  • DG Ariana GP-84-DE La1.
  • 2.07 200d 13,386lbM 4.2% 560F 3.7% 494P (inc)
  • Sister to Aristocrat, Arrow, Armagedon & more
  • Al-Lew Monterey Ashley 1346 EX-95-USA
  • 2-09 348d 30,878lbM 4.2% 1,301F 3.7% 1,129P
  • 4-07 2x 305d 34,710lbM 4.2% 1,457F 3.4% 1,179P
  • One of the greatest brood cows of her generation!!!
  • Dam to DG NH Arrow, Armagedon P and Mr. Frazzled Aristocrat
  • Dam to NH DG Crushabull Atlantis VG-87-CH La2. - 2yr. old Champion Expo Bulle 2022

Next Dams

  • 4th Al-Lew Mgl Astute 1207-ET EX-91-USA
  • 5th Al-Lew Dmn Amazon 1059-ET EX-90-3YR-USA
  • 6th GBM Shottle America VG-86-USA DOM
  • 7th GBM Durham BC Annabell EX-90-3YR DOM
  • 8th GBM Charles Janelle EX-93-USA 2E DOM
  • 9th GBM Val Blackstar Jean EX-94-USA 3E GMD DOM
  • 10th GBM Valiant Janice EX-92-USA 2E DOM
  • 11th Sylvan-Dell M C Janice EX-91-USA 2E DOM
  • 12th Sylvan-Dell Atlas Jill EX-90-USA 2E