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#4 Jook Einstein QUALITY x DV DG Selda (BB/A2A2)

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4 embryos.
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  • Jook Einstein QUALITY (+3033 GTPI / +1064 NM$ / +1.46 PTAT / +1068 DWP$) embryos out of DV DG Selda (BB / A2A2)
  • DV DG Selda is a Excalibur daughter at +2773 GTPI and +1.99 PTAT!
  • Her dam is DV DG Sadony VG-87-NL 2yr., dam to the #1 and #2 Gen Rave sons WORLDWIDE: DV DG Saturn and DV DG Smooth
  • Sadony VG-87-NL 2yr., is sister to DV DG Saskia, dam to DG Tiq Taq at +3169 GTPI and sister to DV DG Sika VG-86-NL VG-88-MS La2., dam to the Global #2 sire: DG Space at +3125 GTPI @Ai-Total!

    Excalibur x De volmer DG Sadony VG-87-NL 2yr. (s. Charl) x De Volmer Sabine (s. Jedi) x Tramilda-N Kingboy Sage VG-87-USA x Ladys-Manor MG Suzanne VG-88-USA

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Sire: Jook Einstein QUALITY | Einstein son at +3033 GTPI / +1.46 PTAT / +1064 NM$ / +2166kgM / +0.0 DPR / 2.1% SCE (08/23) [more info]
Dam: DV DG Selda | Excalibur dtr from a bull producing family at +2773 GTPI and +1.99 PTAT!!! (08/23)
Production- & Freezing Method
Grade A - IVF - Direct Transfer

DV DG Selda (BB/A2A2)

(Excalibur x Charl x Jedi)

Excalibur daughter at +2773 GTPI and +1.99 PTAT!!! (08/23)

  • De Volmer DG Sadony VG-87-NL VG-88-MS 2yr.
  • De Volmer DG Sadony VG-87-NL VG-88-MS 2yr.
  • Sister to dam: DV DG Sika VG-86-NL VG-88-MS La2.
  • Grand dam: Tramilda-N Kingboy Sage
  • 3rd dam: Ladys-Manor Mg Suzanne VG-85-2YR
  • 4th Dam: Ladys-Manor Ruby D Shawn EX-90 EX-MS GMD DOM
  • 6th dam: Ladys-Manor Ruby Jen EX-94-USA
  • Ladys-Manor PL Shamrock

Reg No.



July 13, 2021

Genomic Results

  • US 08/23 GTPI +2773 / NM $ 715 / PTAT +1.99 [Details]


  • Tremendous and proven family who delivered topranking GTPI sires all the time!!
  • DG Sadony VG-87-NL 2yr., is dam to the #1 and #2 GTPI Rave sons WORLDWIDE: DG Saturn & DG Smooth
  • Dam is sister to DV DG Sika VG-86-NL La2., dam to the global #2 GTPI sire: DG Space at +3123 TPI
  • and sister to DG DV Saskia, dam to DG Tiq Taq at +3169 GTPI & DG Shakir at +3125 GTPI! @Ai-Total
  • 10 generations bull dams in her pedigree
  • Same family as: Man-O-Shan, La-Bron, Olympian *RC, Marbach & others
  • The successful bull producing Ladys-Manor Ruby D cow family


  • De Volmer DG Sadony VG-87-NL 2yr.
  • 2.00 305d. 25,792lbM 3.6% 928F 3.2% 825P
  • Current production: >42kgM / day
  • Dam to DV DG Saturn (s. Gen Rave) @Ai-Total
  • De Volmer Sabine
  • One of the highest donors in Europe and she TRANSMITS!
  • Already 6 progeny >2800 GTPI! (06/19)
  • Grand dam is the sister to SHAMROCK
  • S-S-I Montross JEDI-ET
  • Tramilda-N Kingboy Sage VG-87-USA
  • 2.03 114d 7,081lbM 4.7% 333F 3.2% 227P
  • From 9 generations bull dams
  • Fresh 2-YR-OLD milking 90 pounds a day
  • Same family as Man-O-Shan, La-Bron, Olympian *RC, Marbach & many others

Next Dams

  • 4th Ladys-Manor MG Suzanne VG-88-USA
  • 5th Ladys-Manor Ruby D Shawn-ET EX-90-USA EX-MS GMD DOM
  • 6th Ladys-Manor Ruby D-ET EX-90-USA EX-MS GMD DOM
  • 7th Ladys-Manor Ruby Jen EX-94-USA 2E GMD DOM
  • 8th Ladys-Manor Temp Jeana VG-87-USA
  • 9th Ladys-Manor Temptress Jem EX-91 GMD DOM
  • 10th Ladys-Manor Top Gun Jemini EX-93 3E GMD DOM
  • 11th Ladys-Manor Delightful Jem VG-88 GMD DOM
  • 12th Ladys-Manor Donnas Delight VG-85-USA
  • 13th Ladys-Manor Nancy Archie EX-90 2E GMD