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#10 — FEMALE embryos: #3 JOEL-ET x Rapidbay-UK Shakiras Response

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* FEMALE Jersey embryos
* Dam is a beautiful jersey show heifer
* Dam is sired by VERONICA'S EX-97 Response son!
* Same family as Rapid Bay Connection Shasta EX-90-CAN - Int. Champion @ RAWF 2010

VIDEO: Click here for a video of this beautiful heifer

Can be shipped to
Sire: FEMALE JOEL-ET [more info]
Dam: Rapidbay-UK Shakiras Response | Incredible show heifer
Production- & Freezing Method
ET - Grad A - Direct Transfer

Rapidbay-UK Shakiras Response

(Verbatim x Reward x Guapo)

The Rapidbay Shasta cow family!

  • Same family: Rapid Bay Connection Shasta EX-90-CAN

Reg No.



May 2, 2016


  • Beautiful Show Jersey heifer
  • Out of the Pleasant Ridge Shasta EX-92-CAN cow family
  • Same family as Rapid Bay Connection Shasta EX-90-CAN - THE Int. Champion @ RAWF 2010
  • Sired by the Response son out of the legend: Huronia Centurion Veronica EX-97!!


  • Arethusa VERBATIM Response
  • Rapidbay-UK Reward JG Shakira VG-85-UK 2yr.
  • Same family as Rapid Bay Connection Shasta EX-90-CAN - Int. Champion RAWF '10
  • Rapidbay REWARD
  • Rapidbay-UK JG Shakira VG-88-UK 2yr.
  • 2.01 05d 8,340lbM 6.1% 507F 3.7% 306P
  • 3.01 281d 10,022lbM 5.4% 542F 3.9% 388P
  • Rapidbay-UK Javas GUAPO
  • Rapidbay-UK JJ Shakira VG-87-UK 3yr.
  • 3.03 268d 13,162lbM 5.9% 778F 3.5% 459P
  • 5.11 305d 12,518lbM 5.7% 714F 3.7% 465P
  • 8.01 305d 11,726lbM 7.0% 829F 3.6% 421P
  • Interbreed Champion Suffolk Show '09
  • Dam to 3 VG daughters

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  • 4th Rapidbay-UK Shistlers S Shakira VG-85-UK
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  • 6th Pleasant Ridge Generator Thesa
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